Safeguard your ideas, innovations and bussiness.


To claim the originality of your creation, We put records of your creation on public blockchains and give you a certification for that record.

Sometimes it is difficult to prove the authenticity of your research/development records, original creations and transaction records which cause you to lose your right to those intellectual property.

BIP will truly ensure your documents can easily and conveniently become the evidence of your inventions and creativity. Therefore, the rights you are entitled to are protected.

BIP upload your records to the two largest public blockchains, Bitcoin and Ethereum, every single day, so you don’t worry about the quality and safety of our certification service.

Enhance the protective strength with BIP

Innovue has adopted blockchain-based distributed ledger technology (DLT) to protect your documents and ensure their authenticity. Through the use of digital fingerprint, the system can prove the originality of the documents without disclosing the contents.

Give your creations the protection it needs to provide you with better opportunities.

No matter where you are, BIP is your reliable partner.


Innovue integrates intellectual rights and blockchain technology to provide a service mechanism of linked intellectual property rights and blockchain service to strengthen your protective strength of intellectual property rights. Individuals or enterprises can both make use of the platform. Through the characteristics of blockchain technology and the consensus of the decentralization mechanism, the achievement of invention or internal documents can be verified, and the existing records of original documents and the technical document can strengthen the ability to offer evidence.

An individual can upload a file after logging into the system by registering an account or using the integrated mechanism of a verified account. Concurrently, enterprises are welcomed to send letters or contact us to discuss an enterprise integrated program of internal documents and technology. Through the API interface, the internal knowledge and files of achievements can be linked to open a blockchain platform via encryption technology.

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