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We provide your creations with permanent storage on the public blockchain, so that the inventor will be provided with the best and most high-priority evidence. Through the blockchain based network for insured certification of intellectual property rights that easily links to the most updated blockchain technology, your creation will have complete insured information.

What is R&D record?

1. Accumulated experi-ences and knowledge inherited from the previous.
2. Assist R & D personnel to capture instant inspi-ration.

Why to certify a R&D Record?

1. Ensure R&D process be protected.
2. The strongest evidence for the lawsuits of intellectual property rights.

What are the uses of an insur-ed R&D record?

1. Provides the fact of R&D investment.
2. Provides effective evidence in a legal proceeding.

What is Trade Secret?

A device or technique having realistic or potential economic value for its con-fidentiality. And everyone has taken reasonable secrecy measures.

Why do trade secrets need to be insured?

1. Confidential commercial or technical business information.
2. The information provides economic values.

What are the uses of an insur-ed trade secret?

1. Real-time security and act as a reasonable secrecy measure.
2. In tort dispute, provide proof of legal effect.

What is a copyright?

A copyright is given to the author as soon as the creation is completed.

Why should copyrights need to be insured?

1. I'm the earliest.
2. I'm the original inventor.

What are the uses of an insur-ed copyright?

1. Provide your creations with real-time protection.
2. In the event of infringe-ment, BIP can provide effective evidence.

What is a patent?

1.Within a certain period of time, the sole right excludes others from making and using.
2.There are patents for Invention, new model, and design.

When should patent be insured?

1. Inventorship
2. Ownership
3. The right of Self-Defense

What are the uses of an insured patent?

1. To ensure the facts at the moment.
2. Provide effective evidence in a legal proceeding.

What is a trademark?

1. A logo used as representing services or products.
2. A mark with visible identification.

Why should a trademark need to be insured?

1. Trademark without transaction for 3 years, might be revocation.
2. Transaction logs is difficult to provide.

What are the uses of an insur-ed trademark?

1. Insure the transaction logs to proposition of fact regarding the transaction.
2. Provide an effective evi-dence in legal.

What is a contract??

An agreement in which each of the parties to the contract makes a promise or set of promises to each other.

Why do contracts need to be insured?

1. Secure and protect the Authenticity of contracts.
2. Prevent contracts from infringements.

What are the uses of an insured contract?

1. Truly secure the contents of your contract.
2. In a contractual dispute, provide effective evidence in a legal proceeding.

 iNNOVUE Corp., LTD. integrates intellectual rights and blockchain technology to provide a service mechanism of linked intellectual property rights and blockchain service to strengthen your protective strength of intellectual property rights. Individuals or enterprises can both make use of the platform. Through the characteristics of blockchain technology and the consensus of the decentralization mechanism, the achievement of invention or internal documents can be verified, and the existing records of original documents and the technical document can strengthen the ability to offer evidence.

 An individual can upload a file after logging into the system by registering an account or using the integrated mechanism of a verified account. Concurrently, enterprises are welcomed to send letters or contact us to discuss an enterprise integrated program of internal documents and technology. Through the API interface, the internal knowledge and files of achievements can be linked to open a blockchain platform via encryption technology.

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